Here you can see what else i have designed and done with my own hands.

This is a bin where you throw your trash. It was made from steel.


h 52 cm x w 30 cm x d 30 cm

These are whreats made from straws.


This is a soap holder.


In the exhibition there were also my designs!


This is a market stall that me and my two friends designed for Iisalmi.


This is a lamp shade. It was made from copper and then painted black.


h 35 cm x w 25 cm x d 25 cm



These are products that i have made from concrete.


I was a part of designing and building "design Week" exhibition in Kuopio.


This is my arm chair that was also in the exhibition.


This is a basket where you put your fruits. It was made from acrylic with a laser cutter.


h 0,5 cm x w 42 cm x d 45  cm